Easter Memories

I have lots of special memories from Easter. Thank goodness for pictures. I have lots of pictures with my kids, but they are packed. I have these old ones that were scanned for my parents montages. My mom always got us new dresses. Sometimes my grandma would make them. The same pattern, but in different colors like pink, yellow and green.

Easter 1959

Easter 1960

Easter 1964

Easter 1965

Easter 1966

We got a hat, purse, gloves, new shoes and sometimes gloves.

Easter 1967

In Sunday School we learned that Jesus came alive after dying on the cross. He died for me and you so that we could have eternal life with Him. I never really new how the Easter bunny, chicks and eggs fit in to what I learned about Easter at church. But I sure did love the Easter baskets and hard boiled eggs. After church we would get changed and either go to my grandparents or the park for an Easter Egg hunt. I remember one year we all got these cute little pocket dolls that we girls just loved. Another year we got troll dolls.

Easter 1968, At my grandparent's home.
My sister Terry was at a Children's hospital in Denver.

Easter 1972

Easter 1986

Easter 1987

Easter Sunday 1990,
Renee was also dedicated this day, wearing my dress I wore as a baby.

I rededicated my life to the Lord in 1993 at New Beginnings Community Church. But prior to that, I did not have a committed walk with God. I know that back in the 80's my in-laws invited us to Corona to see an Easter play at the Civic Center in their town. We lived in Santa Ana at the time. Anyways, we went to an Easter passion play and I remember how real it was. So when the Jesus went by, my mind was on this good looking Hispanic Jesus. I had to really take my thoughts captive at that time! So go forward about 10 years and I am at my new church watching a play when it dawned on me that it was my pastor I had been staring at. Thank God he is forgiving. But it was at NBCC that I finally understood the real spiritual aspect of what Jesus did for me. Thank you Lord!

Easter 1993

Easter 1994

We have carried the tradition on with our grand kids and still make Easter baskets and get dressed and celebrate with family. We enjoy our Easter meal and all the goodies that go with it. Mostly I am thankful that all my family believes in Jesus. He is the reason for the season! I am so happy to see my grands at Sunday School!

Easter 2011

Easter 2011

Easter 2012

Our church does an outreach each year by providing a free egg hunt. We have free hot dogs, chips, cookies, snow cones, popcorn and coffee bar. There are games for the kids, vendor booths,face painting, craft corner, petting zoo and horse rides. There are different areas for the egg hunt based on age. It is a great family affair that our grands look forward too. Before I had grand kids, I helped out with some activity. Now I just donate candy/eggs and spend time with the family.

Easter egg hunt 2014, Eddie, friend Khole, Audrina and Jazzy.

Eddie and Jazzy

Elijah just a few days old and big sister Audrina.

Easter 2015

Easter 2016

Easter 2017

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