Susan meets Judy, while on vacation in Las Vegas
with Debbie and Kelli meet in October 2001

Susan meets Tammy and Doralee in Temecula CA 2002

Susan meets Denise at Doralee in Temecula CA 2003

Susan meets Doralee and Robyn at Downtown Disney 2004

Micki and I got to meet for lunch on Sept 21, 2006 in Orange CA.
Micki and her hubby were on vacation and staying my Disneyland.

Meeting Emily and Judy in Las Vegas, June 2007

I met Sue December 10, 2007 in Tustin CA.
I also met Snoopy and Simon

I met Danna on May 5, 2008 at Baja Fresh.
I also met her grandson Riley.
We chatted like we new each other for a long time.
Since she has family here, we hope to meet again.
We also hope Darylynn can join us next time.

Darylynn and Dru meet me on Nov.22 at Z Tejas at South Coast Plaza.
We had a great time and chatted just like old friends.

That is the Queen Mary behind us and a cruise ship.
It was quite breezy that day and a bit cool, but great!

Susan meets Judy again, while on vacation in Las Vegas, Sept 2011.

Susan and Joanie meet up with Judy
at Downtown Disney, December 2011.

Susan meets Tammy again, while Tammy is in Long Beach.
Tammy treats me to a birthday lunch
and a nice walk along the beach across the Queen Mary.

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